Spring Summer 2022 -Citronella and Anise Soy Candles plus Bug Repellent Sprays

The Mosquito Season has arrived! Protect yourself and your family with our BUG Repellent products!


Mosquitos, sandflies and other bugs can give nasty bites and leave forever scars. Many people get seriously ill when bitten by these pests.
We understand the pain and are concerned for your health so we formulated and designed a candle to remove mosquitos from your home and outdoor surroundings.

Effective and guaranteed to work.

Whether you're enjoying the view on your balcony.

Hosting a Pool party.

Relaxing indoors at the cottage.

Or just loving life by a nice fire.

Vegan, Organic and Natural premium ingredients. Made in Canada.
No alcohol, no chemicals. Safe for kids and pets
Manufactured with a soybean carrier oil, eucalyptus base note, anise heart note and citronella top note. This combination plus our proprietary oil blends and repelling enzymes works to keep bugs away from you.
Relax indoors without swatting flies or mosquitos and enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive or running from bees and other insects.
Use at home or at the cottage. In the backyard or on your balcony. Deep in the outdoors or at a campground and they work great at the beach!