About Us


To achieve their goal of having a product that’s different from every other candle on the market, mom decided on the odour eliminating candle after a dinner hangout at a friend’s house in Spring of 2018.

With nose-blind friends and their furry family members, coupled with a few weed-smoking buddies and the fact that get-togethers always centered around food, Luxe candles were born to keep the air in homes fresh and clean.

Early in the Research & Development process, she reached out to a friend who was a science college professor and together the journey of creating an odour neutralizing candle begun.

It was hard; really hard and very expensive. Research and Development lasted the entire calendar year of 2019. Once we got our formulations completed we went to market and launched February 2020. We are all still living today what happened to the world 3 weeks after launching.

We thank the many customers in our community who have supported us and for being so kind when we ring your doorbell or knock on your door. We're now successfully online because of you and your generosity. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!

Our goal was to create a candle that would not only smell great but would work on the most stinky of smells. OMG, weed. We decided on cannabis because it’s pungent and lingers for a long time. The rationale was, if we could successfully neutralize the smell of marijuana from the air, we could remove almost any other odour.

As creators we make it our mission to help save our planet. Our contribution to sustainability includes our NEW handcrafted Cement Container Vessels. Painted black on the bottom to show it’s Luxe authentic.

As we grow, Luxe and Little will add many more unique products to our list of products.

Coming soon is our Hand & Body Odour Neutralizing Spray. Formulated and designed to remove the smell of onions, garlic, meat, fish, cigarettes and cannabis from your hands and body.

Luxe products are made with you in mind. You Deserve Joy!

Thank you for your support!