Eliminate Pet Odours


Lady with her dog. Will use Luxe candle to remove the odour from the dog.

People are so in love with their pets that they often fail to smell the stink that others can pick up in a New York minute.

Why is that? Some say it’s being ‘nose-blind’. We say it’s pure love!

Loving your pets unconditionally because they love you unconditionally -and because you feed them; which is really the most important thing in a dog’s life or a cat or any bird, rabbit, rodent or fish.

Fact is, your pet animal comes with their own unique pet smell and perfume, or air freshers are inadequate at removing the smell.

Luxe & Little understands pet odours and we really understand your deep and unconditional love for your pets.

Our products are all pet safe, non-toxic, vegan, and organic. They are also pet odour eliminators and we guarantee that they work every time.

Love your pets, don’t smell your pets.

You Deserve Joy!  Your home should be fresh with a candle from Luxe & Little.