Eliminate Smoke Odours

Just about every smoker we meet says to us “we don’t smoke in the house”. That may be true, but why does your house still smell like a smoker lives in it? It’s because smoke travels.    
Every joint, cigarette or cigar you light up will hitch a ride for days on your clothes, your skin, in your hair, on your hands and even on your phone. It will stay on you even after a shower or bath.

Perfumes and sweet smells activate the odours and that’s where the residual smell lingers after a shower or a cleaning of your home.

Smoke contains particulate matter (PM) and it can only be removed after neutralization. Luxe products are formulated to neutralize smoke odours and they will effectively remove the odours from your home and your body.

Use any Luxe candle in your home to keep the air clean and fresh and remove any smoke residue you may track back into your home after smoking outside.

Use any Luxe Odour Neutralizing Spray (ONS) Spray to take the smell off your hands, clothes and hair.

They’re safe and effective.

They smell great and we guarantee that they will work.