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Elevate your everyday with Luxe. Our odour eliminators are more than just candles. They awaken your senses, bringing back pleasant memories and guiding you towards tranquility.

Calm the chaos of the day and embrace free thinking about the present and future. For those who prefer fragrance-free options, Luxe offers no scent candles with pure wood wicks, providing a pure and serene ambiance. Luxe caters to everyone's needs, whether it's removing cooking odours, pet smells, or the effects of smoking.

Don't settle for masking scents - let Luxe remove them completely. Trust Luxe & Little, the vegan, organic, and all-natural solution to your unique problem. Every Luxe product is designed to consistently perform, keeping your space fresh and pleasant. Only Luxe can offer this level of quality.

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Love from our customers!

Honestly, I was more impressed than I thought I'd be. Totally effective, I love it.

Adam P

Thank you for my luxurious candles. They smell like heaven.

Jennifer P

Just having the candles open and not lit, the fragrances start to fill the room. My husband loves to cook so our main floor is constantly smelling of garlic, onions and vinegar. I used the Jive candle in the kitchen and in 10 minutes the odour changed to a lovely fragrant scent.

Sarah W

I didn't even follow the instructions and the candle worked. The pot smell was gone shortly after I finished my roll. My wife doesn't smoke and now she's happy not dealing with it.

Matt D

We’ve tried both candles and we love them. They are not overbearing with still a lingering subtle aroma the following day. We also waited until we had fish for dinner and yes they do eliminate odours very well.

Kevin C

I ordered some of your candles and they are very good at eliminating smoke odour. 

Bertrand B

Loving the candles!

They are amazing! We had the original scent going yesterday in the kitchen as my son made omelettes for breakfast… and normally the smell of eggs permeates the house… not now!!!

Wow there is zero smell of coked eggs!

Elena E

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Get Luxed!

Our candles, sprays and diffuser blends are odour eliminating, 100% handmade with premium oils and the highest quality pure soy wax.

Luxe Spring / Summer Outdoor candles are vegan and effective. We guarantee that you will not get a single bug bite while using our products! Luxe products are chemical and toxin free! Safe for babies!!!

Luxe candles remove food odours, the profound smell of pet odours and the dank and lingering odour of cannabis, cigars and cigarettes.

Every Luxe product is also made in Unscented or No-Scent for those with fragrance allergies or fragrance sensitivities.

We aim to reduce product waste and strive for zero-waste. We invest in our products and spend less on packaging.

We hand craft each cement container vessel and offer refills.

About Luxe & Little

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Our Candles Have Refills!

Refill Your Luxe Cement Vessel

Every item we manufacture and sell is REFILLABLE!

After ordering and using your Luxe candle, the empty concrete cement container vessel is ready to be refilled.

Our signature Black Bottom Cement Vessels are made in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

They are designed to last.

When your candle is finished, the wood wick has a metal base at the bottom. It's not glued in as we have no additives or glues in our products. This maintains the integrity of every Luxe candle and keeps us truly vegan.

The metal base easily pops out. Save it, we can re-use it!

For every 5 metal bases you return to us, we give you a free refill!

Drop your new soy pillar wax refill of your favourite scent, or unscented into your container and enjoy!

Remember to keep your wicks trimmed low. The key to trimming is, when you see smoke, it's time for a trim.

We do not recommend using our Luxe refills in other containers.

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