Eliminate Food Odours

We are cooking at home more often these days and our house, in particular our kitchen smell like the back end of a restaurant.

How can we get rid of the onion, garlic, meat, fish, oil, cheese, and other goodness we’re preparing at home?

Luxe & Little knows that popular methods like lemon, potpourri, baking soda and air purifiers don’t work for long.

A better and very effective solution is to light a Luxe candle. They’re packed with natural enzymes that eliminate unwanted odours and the science behind our formulations will remove only unwanted odours and leave a clean fresh scent. No perfumes, no fillers, no chemicals.

Luxe candles are vegan, organic, premium ingredients and safe for kids and pets.

They effectively remove odours and are excellent with getting rid of food odours we all have at home.

Enjoy style and ambiance with a luxury Luxe candle. You Deserve Joy! 

Light up a Luxe candle today!