Odour Eliminating Candle. Smells like sweet roses. 10 Ounce
Odour Neutralizing Candle. Smells sweet. 10 oz
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Odour Eliminator Candle, vegan, organic, - Bubba and Daisy Scent
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Odour Eliminator Candle, vegan, organic, - Bubba and Daisy Scent

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Luxe & Little's Soy Odour Eliminator Candles are crafted using only the finest ingredients. Made from 100% pure soy wax and infused with top shelf fragrance and essential oils, these candles are a true premium luxury brand that will elevate any room in your home.

Bubba and Daisy scent is the perfect solution for eliminating unwanted odours from food, pets, and smoke, quickly and efficiently. The natural soy wax used in these candles is environmentally friendly and can burn for up to 70 hours, making it ideal for continuous use as an odour neutralizer.

Experience the nostalgic fragrance of the past with the Soy Candle from Bubba and Daisy. Infused with carefully selected scents reminiscent of a simpler time, this candle promotes relaxation and comfort. Its comforting aroma will fill your space with subtle hints of joy and warmth. Enjoy the unique odour eliminator, providing the perfect ambiance for a peaceful state of mind.

Odour neutralizing happens when a Luxe candle is lit and a wax pool forms. The heat from the pure soy wax used in the candle will activate the enzymes, oils and react with the air molecules, replacing the stinky smell with a fresh scent by filling the air pockets. This process is continuous and once the odour is eliminated, it stays gone.

Hand-poured from a small batch. Bubba & Daisy is a well balanced mature scent that reminds you of a place and time you were totally relaxed and at peace. It will eliminate any bad or musty odour in your home.

A careful blend of Bubba's manly scents which include Sandalwood Amber, French Lavender, Green Tea and Midnight Jasmine. Added to  Daisy's warm and feminine scents of Rose Garden, Sweet Pea, Plumeria, Red Currant, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Amber Romance. Together his and hers are heated and stirred to blistering hot temperature levels where they are topped with enzymes that separate the oils and fill the open molecules. 

Top note is a bold rich scent of Amber Romance. Heart note is spicy sweet Jasmine and a refreshing bottom note of exotic elegance completes the scent.


Vegan, Organic, Premium Oils and pure soy wax.

Burn Times:
Small 4 oz – 30 hours
Large 10 oz – 70 hours