Odour  Eliminator Hand & Body Luxury Spray- Paradise Scent

Odour Eliminator Hand & Body Luxury Spray- Paradise Scent

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Smell Happy!

Luxe odour eliminator hand and body spray is designed to freshen your fingers and hands. Use after prepping food for cooking, smoking or playing with your pet.  

How does a Luxe spray work to immediately freshen hands and hair?

It's our secret. Luxe formulation is science based and proprietary.

Let’s be clear, soap and water may work but a Luxe spray is INSTANT, Vegan and Organic. They are also totally Alcohol Free!


Smells like sunshine! Warm and tropical, a sunny day under a Mist of Citrus. This scent brings alive the senses and the combination of sweet, fresh and fruity, gives you an awakening of wow! 

How to use:

All it takes is a little squirt on the back of your hand, a little squirt in the palm of your hand, then rub your hands together and in less than 30 seconds the odour is gone.

Safe for kids, pets and pregnant women.

Vegan & Chemical free!

Contains Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils.  For best results, DO NOT spray directly on clothing.

Luxe & Little -You Deserve Joy!