Odour Eliminator Hand & Body Luxury Spray- Unscented -Fragrance Free

Odour Eliminator Hand & Body Luxury Spray- Unscented -Fragrance Free

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Removes all Odours!

Formulation, formulation, formulation!

Luxe products do not rely on fragrances to cover odours. Most other products do. Our fragrance free products are just as effective as our scented ones, due to our plant based, vegan, science based formulation.

We put the effort and money into research to create safe and effective products with your kids and loved ones in mind. No other product can compare!

Luxe odour eliminator hand and body spray is designed to freshen your fingers and hands after smoking or prepping for cooking.

Totally fragrance free while still being able to effectively removes any unwanted odour! 

How does a Luxe spray work to immediately freshen hands and hair?

Let’s be clear, soap and water may work but a Luxe spray is INSTANT, Vegan and Organic. They are also totally Alcohol Free!

How can a Luxe spray be beneficial to my life?

Removes Food Odours

Chopping up vegetables like onions and garlic will leave your hands smelling like onions and garlic. After a quick wash with soap and warm water, your hands will still smell like onions and garlic. Add lotion and still you can smell the onions and garlic. It takes a while for the smell to go away.

Get fresh fingers and hands Instantly with a Luxe spray, proudly Made in Mississauga, Canada!

Removes Smoke Odours:

Do you smoke? If you haven’t gone nose blind, you are aware that you can smell the smoke residue on your hands and clothes. Everyone can smell that you just had a smoke. Perfume will mask it, but a Luxe spray will eliminate it. 

All it takes is a little squirt on the back of your hand, a little squirt in the palm of your hand, then rub your hands together and in less than 30 seconds the odour is gone.

Safe for kids, pets and pregnant women.

We guarantee that our Luxe Odour Neutralizing spray will work every time.

For best results, DO NOT spray directly on clothing.

Luxe & Little -You Deserve Joy!