Odour Eliminator Soy Candles -Package Set of 3

Odour Eliminator Soy Candles -Package Set of 3

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Vegan, Organic, Luxury!
Always have a Luxe candle in your home, ready to light up. That’s why we offer this incredible bundle that is a must have.

Made in Canada.

This Luxe Large bundle provides you with our three scented Odour Neutralizers. When you select this bundle, you will receive:

Original Scent Luxury Candle

Jive Scent Luxury Scent

Bubba and Daisy Luxury Scent

Luxe candles are made with you in mind.

Soy odour eliminator candles made by Luxe & Little are premium quality, 100% pure soy wax and top shelf fragrance and essential oils. Such quality ingredients make Luxe candles a premium luxury brand, deserving to be in your home.

Odour neutralizing happens when a Luxe candle is lit and a wax pool forms. The heat from the pure soy wax used in the candle will activate the enzymes, oils and react with the air molecules, replacing the stinky smell with a fresh scent by filling the air pockets. This process is continuous and once the odour is eliminated, it stays gone.

You Deserve Joy!