Odour Eliminating Candle. Fragrance Free. 10oz
Odour Neutralizing Candle. 10oz

Unscented, fragrance free odour eliminator luxury candle, safe for kids, pets

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Experience the luxurious indulgence of our Unscented Odour Eliminator Candle! Featuring a fragrance free blend of non-toxic and clean burning wood wicks, this candle freshens any room with its odor-eliminating properties! Let your home breathe easy with a candle that completes the atmosphere of any room!

Our Unscented Odour Eliminator Candle is the perfect, fragrance-free way to keep your home fresh. Its vegan-friendly components work to neutralize odours, so you can enjoy natural, fresh air without overpowering fragrances.

Odour neutralizing happens when a Luxe candle is lit and a wax pool forms. The heat from the pure soy wax used in the candle will activate the enzymes, oils and react with the air molecules, replacing the stinky smell with a fresh scent by filling the air pockets. This process is continuous and once the odour is eliminated, it stays gone.

Burn Times:
Small 4 oz – 30 hours
Large 10 oz – 70 hours