Every home in the country is important to seller but most important to the buyer as the investment they’re making usually comes with sacrifice.

The minute you walk through the door you can tell within seconds if your heart is in the house and if the feeling of home is coming over you. If yes, you will try your best with bids and revisions to get it, and most do.

But, what happens when you walk into a house that’s listed for sale and it doesn’t feel like home. Studies indicate that it’s caused by your resonance and olfactory. The first sense of smell when you walked in.

As a realtor, you want your client to experience a connection to the house that interlocks their heart and their head. Having a fresh, clean, airy smell will do that without perfumes or the residual smell of an aerosol.

Luxe candles are science based and formulated to remove any unwanted odours in homes that result from food odours, pet odours and smoke odours.

Every real estate listing should be Luxed before it’s listed. Another tool for agents to get their listings sold! Plus, Luxe Odour Neutralizing candle packs make the best gifts for your clients.