Luxe concrete cement container vessels are designed with our customers top of mind and helping to save our planet as part of our mission.

When you buy a candle from a retailer, you may at first be attracted by the fragrance and the container. But, what happens after the candle is finished burning? Do you recycle or just throw them away? 

Did you know that only 10% of items placed in recycle bins are actually recycled?

We've created a true refill, a first for the industry. When your Luxe candle is finished, order a refill of your favourite scent or the unscented, drop it into your concrete container vessel, trim the wick and light it up!

Our concrete cement container vessels are made to last forever and like a fireplace or fire pit you just put a new refill in and light it up!

Together, we can help save our planet, freshen up the air and feel great about doing it!